This Week On "Parks And Rec": Pawnee Just Gets Weirder

“Kill all birds.” Our favorite minor characters stole the show this week, here are some of their best moments.

1. This classic Councilman Jamm moment.

ID: 893399

2. That moment when Random Board Member #3 contemplates life’s greatest questions.

ID: 893411

3. Matt Walsh’s PERFECT intro.

ID: 893482

4. That moment when the French chef revealed his true Floridian nature.

ID: 893521

5. This over eager bird killer.

ID: 893542

Who takes notes on his hands.

ID: 893563

6. Joan Callamezzo: True Professional

ID: 893704

7. This cop’s perfect reaction to Andy.

ID: 893714

8. And finally, The Immortal Jamm.

ID: 893757

Bonus! When Winifred nailed that breaking news interview.

ID: 893903

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