8 “Game Of Thrones” Actors Playing With Their Action Figures

This how you know you’ve made it.

1. Emilia Clarke with Daenerys Targaryen

ID: 2062176

2. Super sad Kit Harrington with super sad Jon Snow

Probably cause he knows that whitewalker is coming for him.

ID: 2062180

3. Lena Headey with Cersei Lannister

ID: 2062184

4. Peter Dinklage with Tyrion Lannister

ID: 2062190

5. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau with Jaime Lannister

ID: 2062197

6. Maisie Williams with Arya Stark

ID: 2062202

7. Richard Madden with Robb Stark

ID: 2062211

8. Rory McCann with The Hound

ID: 2062215

Bonus! G.R.R. Martin with Tyrion

ID: 2062198

And Charles Dance with his entire Lannister brood.

ID: 2062189

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