48 Of The Derpiest Faces Robert Downey Jr. Has Ever Made

In honor of his 48th birthday, let’s take a closer look at why we love him. Hint: It’s his face.

1. His “I LIKE PRANCING” look.

ID: 1043860

2. RDJ’s “I can do sports” face.

ID: 1043805

3. His “I am the light at the end of the tunnel” face.

ID: 1043809

4. His “Pee-Wee’s Playhouse” look.

ID: 1043819

5. His “you’re not even mad that you can see through my sequin shirt” face.

ID: 1043836

6. His “ignore my heels and focus on my Iron Ass” face.

ID: 1043842

7. His “I’ve never loved anything more than I love this jacket” face.

ID: 1043858

8. The “bitches be crazy” face.

ID: 1043883

9. His “I am the leaf, I am the tree, I am Mother Earth” expression.

ID: 1043886

10. His “this is a nutritious breakfast” face.

ID: 1043893

11. His “I wanted the last chocolate croissant” face.

ID: 1043900

12. His “I am a hippie but I will fight you” face.

ID: 1043851

13. The “that dude behind me is totally naked” laugh.

ID: 1043951

14. His “hats, bro, hats” expression.

ID: 1043957

15. RDJ’s “Adrien Brody is attached to my face” face.

ID: 1043999

16. His “are you there JARVIS, it’s me, Tony” face.

ID: 1044016

17. His “my hair is so long it tickles” expression.

ID: 1044021

18. His “I sit at the popular kids’ table” look.

ID: 1044027

19. The “I am Lady Macbeth” look.

ID: 1044042

20. The “young money.”

ID: 1044238

21. The “I’ll never forgive myself for this middle part” look.

ID: 1044054

22. His “don’t lie, I am the cutest effing thing you’ve ever seen” face.

ID: 1044068

23. His “meet my best friend” face.

ID: 1044072

24. The “young professional.”

ID: 1044090

25. The “this tie is an optical illusion” face.

ID: 1044113

26. The “creep.”

ID: 1044097

27. His “we are minuscule parts of a greater universe” expression.

ID: 1044118

28. His “I AM IRON MAN HEAR ME ROAR” face.

ID: 1044126

29. The “I know you can’t help falling in love with me, but please try” look.

ID: 1044141

30. His “I get more ass in a trashy wig and furry bra than you ever will in your life” expression.

ID: 1044154


ID: 1044162

32. The “this face is so cute, I would make it at myself” face.

ID: 1044167

33. The “GUYS LOOK IT’S ME” face.

ID: 1044173

34. His “Val Kilmer smells amazing” look.

ID: 1044179

35. His “clearly I am the coolest Avenger” face.

ID: 1044186

36. The “Tarzan.”

ID: 1044200

37. The “here is my tongue, you’re welcome” expression.

ID: 1044210

38. His “EFF YOU APPLE” face.

ID: 1044220

39. His “I am having a party in my pants” face.

ID: 1044224

40. His “I’m too drunk to be clothed and in a pool” face.

ID: 1044340

41. His “I should have been in a boy band” expression.

ID: 1044354

42. His “do I finally look like Edward James Olmos?” look.

ID: 1044254

43. His “I HATE popcorn” face.

ID: 1044369

44. His “suspenders are sexy right?” face.

ID: 1044419


ID: 1044441

46. The “I might be dying, but also it might just be high school” face.

ID: 1044445

47. The “David Blaine.”

ID: 1044449

48. And finally, the most important face of all, RDJ’s “the things I would do to you” face.

ID: 1044474

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