30 Lessons We Learned From Amy Poehler In 2012

AKA how to be a perfect human being.

1. How to look flawless after a divorce.

Mario Anzuoni / Reuters

Hint: décolletage.

ID: 720389

2. How to pass notes like a boss.

ID: 720355

3. How to be a smart girl at the party.

ID: 720316

4. How to close the gap between you and your fictional persona.

ID: 729304

5. How to win at life even if you don’t win an Emmy.

Audience participation is key.

ID: 720337

6. How to react appropriately to a Tammy.

From Parks and Rec’s upcoming Christmas episode.

ID: 720438

7. How to please a bona fide Bronx gal.

ID: 720487

8. How to make a great paper doll.

Prints available here!

ID: 720499

9. How to pull off an incredibly lifelike wig.

ID: 731906

10. What girl code actually means.

ID: 726987

11. How to meet Joe Biden.

Always go in for the kiss.

ID: 727187

12. How to make fun of Paul Rudd.


ID: 727363

13. How to raise the ultimate ginge.


No seriously though, look at him.

ID: 727752

14. How to make Samantha Ronson laugh.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
ID: 727800

15. Also gasp.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images
ID: 727801

16. How to have safe sex.

ID: 727821

17. How to react appropriately.

ID: 727852

18. How to make out with Adam Scott.

Via his balloon avatar.

ID: 727859

19. How to make out with David Letterman.

Very uncomfortably.

ID: 727902

20. How to be tiny and terrifying at the same time.

ID: 727935

21. How to answer questions flawlessly in a bathtub.

ID: 728254

22. How to internalize your fangirling when your two favorite people meet.

Larry Busacca / Getty / Via intrepidgirlblogger.tumblr.com
ID: 731967

23. Where the best places to hide are.

ID: 728508

24. How to front for the Foo Fighters.

ID: 728442

25. How to porpoise call.

ID: 728550

26. How to dress like Ben Franklin and spill groceries cinematically with Paul Rudd.

Bauer Griffin

From their upcoming movie They Came Together.

ID: 731884

27. How to rock the half-perm.

ID: 728452

28. How to reunite with the cast of your iconic cult movie.

Yes there was a Wet Hot American Summer Reunion, and yes, you missed it.

ID: 731902

29. How to get Andrew Garfield to put his arm around you.

Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

Blue. Pipe-cleaner. Glasses.

ID: 731983

30. How to be a flawless human being.

ID: 729288

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