21 Things You’ll Never Get To See On TV If The World Ends

Leonardo DiCaprio actually winning an Oscar.

1. Leo DiCaprio winning an Oscar.

ID: 763562

2. If Little Asskicker survives.

ID: 763706

3. THIS GOLDEN GLOBES!!! The only one we’ve ever actually wanted to watch.

ID: 765656

4. The 4th (and possibly final) season of Community.

My eternal creys.

ID: 763621

5. Another RPattz interview.

ID: 763582

6. The Kardashian baby you actually want to see.

No she’s not actually pregnant - YET.

ID: 763552

7. The sexual awakening of Tina Belcher.

Bob’s Burgers is actually the best show.

ID: 765039

8. The new tortured depths of Claire Dane’s cry face in the next season of Homeland.

ID: 763666

9. A fat Justin Bieber.

It’s inevitable guys. Reverse Jonah Hill-ing.

ID: 763607

10. Girl Meets World.

We desperately need to know if Shawn Hunter is still single.

ID: 763739

11. The formal inauguration edition of the Chris Christie fleece.

ID: 763626

12. The 12th Doctor.

ID: 764970

13. The exciting conclusion of Xtina’s Hairstory.

Spoilers: We see her real hair. She’s a brunette.

ID: 763654

15. The election of the first female president of the United States.

ID: 763601

16. Kissing cousins (getting married).

Arrested Development returns in the spring!

ID: 763837

17. The fresh crop of Olympic butts we’re counting down to in 2016.

2012 olympic butts here.

ID: 765088

18. This beautiful idiot’s next big fashion choice.

I’m betting on batwing sweaters when New Girl returns.

ID: 765029

19. What will undoubtedly be the greatest halftime show of all time.

Oh, also, the Superbowl.

ID: 765049

20. David Gregory’s season of “Dancing With The Stars”.

Gregory’s got rhythm.

ID: 765159

21. Another episode of “Antique Roadshow”.

If you tell yourself you can live without this, you’re lying.

ID: 764963

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