21 People Who Do What They Want

Meet your spirit animal.

1. These cops who can’t pass up a good photo op.

2. This woman who knows how to multi-task.

Yes that is a prosthetic leg flipped up and used as a lunch stand.

3. This couple who thinks it’s the perfect weather for a wedding.

4. This baby knows his best angles.

5. This woman who knows that everyone dies someday.

6. This human who life hacked dog-walking.

7. This kid who loves his pet mouse.

8. This future pyromaniac.

9. This girl who has mastered the come hither gaze.

10. This tetris piece who’s over herd mentality.

11. This professional animal tamer.

12. This girl who knows how to mug for the camera.

13. This bastion of knitting zen.

15. Liberal Arts Waldo.

16. This grandma who goes hard at the gym.

17. This vegan for life.

19. This teen on picture day.

20. This parent who believes in tough love.

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