21 People Who Do What They Want

Meet your spirit animal.

1. These cops who can’t pass up a good photo op.

ID: 1120345

2. This woman who knows how to multi-task.

Yes that is a prosthetic leg flipped up and used as a lunch stand.

ID: 1120695

3. This couple who thinks it’s the perfect weather for a wedding.

ID: 1156384

4. This baby knows his best angles.

ID: 1156750

5. This woman who knows that everyone dies someday.

ID: 1157039

6. This human who life hacked dog-walking.

ID: 1161058

7. This kid who loves his pet mouse.

ID: 1166231

8. This future pyromaniac.

ID: 1166421

9. This girl who has mastered the come hither gaze.

ID: 1166493

10. This tetris piece who’s over herd mentality.

ID: 1166797

11. This professional animal tamer.

ID: 1166954

12. This girl who knows how to mug for the camera.

ID: 1167799

13. This bastion of knitting zen.

ID: 1168357

15. Liberal Arts Waldo.

ID: 1171010

16. This grandma who goes hard at the gym.

ID: 1172082

17. This vegan for life.

ID: 1173292

18. Uncle Fester.

ID: 1171980

19. This teen on picture day.

ID: 1173466

20. This parent who believes in tough love.

ID: 1171988

21. And finally: The Queen.

ID: 1161052

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