15 People That Have Been Living Under A Rock

“Just read Harry Potter. I can’t believe they wrote 7 terrible books after such good movies. And I think the author got lazy cuz there are 8 movies and only 7 books.”

2. This person who is about to be EXTERMINATED.

ID: 1201833

3. This person who can’t figure out why his Nintendo Live Gold account won’t activate.

ID: 1201848

4. This person who’s never heard of David Tennant.

ID: 1234515

5. Whoever at Pez that decided that the Avengers needed another brooding rich boy with cool toys.

ID: 1241777

6. …………

ID: 1241795

7. This guy who thinks that Steve Jobs owns Microsoft.

ID: 1241926

8. C-3PO’s manufacturer.

ID: 1241962

9. This couple who should have just taken a creepshot to show to their friends.

ID: 1245176

10. The greatest Marvel fanboy.

ID: 1249657

11. This Hufflepuff.

J/K Hufflepuffs, this girl would have NEVER been sorted into Hufflepuff.

ID: 1258697

12. This person who knows you don’t need resources to rule an empire.

ID: 1259803

13. This person who thinks Batman is so aptly named because of his radioactive spider bite.

ID: 1258739

14. These people who are convinced that Zelda is a boy’s name.

ID: 1259092

15. This person who has never seen an iPod before.

ID: 1259166

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