15 Online Games From Your Childhood That You Can Still Play

GPOY: Middle School Edition.

1. Bueno Rufus

Naked Mole Rats. Mexican food. What else do you really need?

ID: 785508

2. Barbie’s Swan Lake Game

The unicorn Odette welcomes you.

ID: 785514

3. Bikini Bottom Or Bust

If you didn’t spend hours as Sponge Bobpopping bubbles then you basically weren’t a real kid.

ID: 785547

4. That’s So Raven Pinball

Most unrelated show to game correlation, but still addictive.

ID: 785554

5. Brandy (and Mr. Whiskers): Style Diva

We’re talking about runway style that only kids can create.

ID: 785566

6. A Sitch In Time

Personal favorite here. Kim Possible rules!

ID: 785577

7. Sticky’s Mix Master

The Proud Family was the best family. Also they had totally sick beats.

ID: 785590

8. Lizzie Maguire Dress Up

Even the cartoon version of her was fly.

ID: 785638

9. Barbie: Let’s Babysit Baby Krissy

I’m embarrassed to admit that I played this on more than one occasion.

ID: 785652

10. Barbie Makeover

Your one shot to prove to your friends that Barbie was hot as a brunette too.

ID: 785662

11. Escalator Escape

The Rugrats can even make escalators fun.

ID: 785679

12. MyScene (Polly Pocket) Room Makeover

In which you pretended like you were an adult who had a say in what your room looked like.

ID: 785689

13. Helga’s Diary

Literally the most poetic shit I’ve ever read.

ID: 785700

14. Black Licorice

A way to fight the injustice of not being allowed another piece of candy.

ID: 785706

15. Crater Crossing

Oh Sponge Bob, will you never be able to get anywhere without my help?

ID: 785720

Via balloonney.tumblr.com

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