13 Men Who Actually Look Good In Fedoras


This is probably what you think of when you hear the word fedora:

ID: 647542

And you’re right, it’s totally gross.

ID: 647579

Even on our favorite people :(

ID: 647586

But here’s a few good men* who got it right.

*Do not attempt unless you are as cool as the following.

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1. Frank Sinatra

Hulton Archive / Getty Images
ID: 647008

3. Gene Kelly

ID: 647026

4. Clark Gable

ID: 647087

5. Paul Newman

ID: 647124

6. Jimmy Stewart

ID: 647189

10. Sean Connery

United Artists / Via worthstar.com
ID: 647299

12. Jean Paul Belmondo

ID: 647507

13. Gregory Peck

ID: 647150
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