11 Ways To Ruin A Bachelorette Party According To “New Girl”

This should have been the greatest party of the year. Spoilers for this week’s New Girl.

1. By making it a surprise.

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2. Because you never know when a nosy aunt is going to tag along.

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3. And then going all horror movie on her.

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4. By playing games the bride can NEVER EVER WIN.

Poor Cece.

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No seriously though.

ID: 1060827

5. By launching a covert op to find out what the groom’s penis looks like.

ID: 1060706

6. And then trying to comfort the bride with gonad talk.

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7. By being a pregnant lesbian doctor offering free exams to a room full of models.

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8. By inviting this friend.

Nadia why?

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9. By whipping out the software.

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10. By getting in a not fight with you not maid of honor about pajama sets.

Or friendship or whatever.

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11. “It’s awful hot in here, who wants to cool down with a double scoop of Alfredo?”


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Bonus! How to ruin a bachelor party.


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