Why Being A Tall Girl Is FABULOUS.

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1. It pays to be tall, girl.

2. You’re easy to find when lost indaclub.

3. Overhead compartments may be a hazard…but we can reach ‘em!

4. It’s impossible for sink-hoggers to ignore your presence.

5. AUTOMATIC SHOTGUN PRIVILEGES! Where else are we going to put these long legs?

6. Callin’ us names? “Amazon” really just means “ass-kicking woman”. We’ll take it.

7. …and anyway we can’t hear you over all the food we’re eating.

We got more body to feed, girl!

8. That regal stature is intimidating, girl…

9. …It’s science: Tall women tend to garner more respect in the workplace.

10. Our view of [concerts/movies/gigs/etc.] is rarely obscured by other people.

11. Being tall means you can comfortably reach & hold onto that less germy part of the subway railing. This is convenient on multiple levels.

12. In conclusion, as a tall girl, It’s hard to NOT be fabulous.

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