Alex Jones’ Bilderberg Rant On The BBC Is A Must-Watch

No, not the female One Show presenter, but a US radio talk show host who is convinced the government is trying to kill him.

Infowars’ Alex Jones, who has his own syndicated radio talk show in Texas, appeared on Sunday Politics and gave full vent to his finger-pointing, rage-filled persona. It was a performance distinctly at odds with the show’s usual placid tone.

Andrew Neil and his other guest David Aaronovitch seemed unfazed by Jones’ concern that a New World Order was threatening to kill him and it didn’t appear like either Brit was going to watch his video “The Obama Deception.” Jones claims he gets 40 even 50 million views on YouTube - and you can see this one becoming popular too. A perfect case of Britain and America colliding.

Neil’s response?

His conclusion?

And the predictable outcome.

Watch the interview in full.

14. Now let’s just look at this GIF one more time.

And here it is with a soundtrack.

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