13 Reasons Ryan Gosling Isn’t That Great

He’s beautiful, he saves women from being run over and stops fights on the street. For many, Ryan Gosling is a Canadian real-life superhero. But all beauty hides evil.

1. He’s a dangerous driver. He was arrested in 2005 for driving under the influence - and kept it secret for 6 years.


Shut up and don’t drive.

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2. YET he still thought it appropriate to learn stunt driving for the film Drive.



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3. He’s really weird. He owns skeletons and places them around his apartment.

Perou / Via esquire.com

Why would you want to go back to his?

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4. He’s deceptive. He always makes sure he gets snapped eating apples, when all he really eats is candy.

VAH/Fame Pictures

Hi Chews, Nerd Ropes, Haribos - he told Esquire how much he loves candy. He’s a slob.

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5. He’s not the hottest man ever. Look at him here.

Bryan Bedder / Getty Images
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6. He’s pretentious. He’s one of those annoying people who doesn’t need glasses but wears them sometimes to look cool.

Needing glasses is a serious disability, not a fashion statement.

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7. He’s disrespectful. He once took his dog to a yoga class and it peed in the corner.

He then had the nerve to bring him to the next yoga class! His dog, George, is now banned.

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8. He doesn’t make his dog happy. George the dog never looks pleased to be with him.

Animals don’t like Gosling. Deal breaker.

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9. He is definitely mean to animals. When he was young he put his cat in the tumble dryer.

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10. He thinks he’s a musician. His songs aren’t great. Just stick to acting.

This song contains the line: “But the women think I’m ugly / They care not for hearts of gold.” So he thinks he’s ugly but is really nice. EGO.

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11. He steals people’s thunder. The Place Beyond The Pines was all about Bradley Cooper acting amazingly - yet Gosling got all the media attention


Bradley is the REAL man.

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12. He fantasizes about robbing banks. That’s weird.

Atsushi Nishijima/Focus Features


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13. He’s just messed up. He said it himself.

Moviestore / Rex / Rex USA

He told The Telegraph: “There’s something messed up with my brain.” No wonder he plays weird characters.

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14. SO STAY AWAY FROM GOSLING. He’s not all that great.

Alex Prager / Via nytimes.com
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