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    • kimsland

      Because I was born in the 60’s! Most of those things listed still look modern to me.
      Try using a tape recorder to tape the songs on the radio to listen to later.
      And carrying ghetto boxes held up on your shoulder to look cool I’ll let you know it WAS better back then because kids actually went outside, even in the rain. We use to all find our friends on the street or in the playground parks (some of you have probably never been in a playground especially without your parents!). And yes bikes were heavier back then, but that’s because we all threw them down on the ground at the corner shop. Try doing that with your push bikes these days. When I finally bought my iphone I downloaded all those free apps and marvelled at the technology. These days its a phone. I actually don’t need to google or tweet or facebook stuff during the day. Although I do text, otherwise all this app stuff is just stupid. I’m probably the dieing breed that own an actual computer. Ironically BIG screens was the best invention not your tiny window you all stare at. I’m positive you are all going to need glasses one day. Be fully aware the stars at night are still the same stars in the exact same spot as millions of years ago. Plus trees and clouds and sunshine is all still pretty much the same as the 80’s for instance.
      The only real change is on the weekends I’d be lucky to see even one child riding their bike or anyone at any park anywhere! It looks so eerie not seeing kids play on the holidays, its like the kids just dissapeared. Even the city streets were full of us kids everywhere (going to the pinnies etc) all now totally gone. These technology advances are NOTHING to what your kids will have one day. They will have their own home androids, calling people will be done with 3D holograms, actually everything will be 3D. Your iphones etc will be laughed at by your kids, and YOU will finally be old. Oh and Facebook will be long gone too. Don’t hold onto these new fandangle technological devices you have too tightly. Use them hard, when they break throw them away, and move on. The world will keep turning even after you’re gone.

    • kimsland

      Actually to call these initialisms acronyms, is acceptable in a ‘general’ sense. Basically no one says OMG is an initialism (probably because we all just see them as abbreviated acronyms). But, on an intelligence test then the given answer is most certainly wrong. They ARE initialisms!  LOL or lol has now become more of a acronym by the way. It started as an initialism but has now been moved to acronym. Here’s a question. When someone says that’s as easy as ABC, what is that word called? :) (note: we don’t say DEF etc.)