24 Ways You’re Already Acting Like An Old Lady


1. When someone says, “Let’s grab a drink.” You say, “OK, tea?”

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2. Partying? How about staying in?

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3. Your definition of an exciting weekend is reruns on your sofa.

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4. You stop everything for Antiques Roadshow.

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5. You relate more to Golden Girls than to Gossip Girl.


Blanche Devereaux can do a better bitch face than Blair Waldorf and you know it.

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6. When you see people wearing less than fifty layers in cold weather, you want to clothe them.

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7. You always choose comfort over style.

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8. You’d rather wear this than a thong.

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9. You feel naked without your shawl.

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10. You have a pair of house slippers that should probably never see the light of day.

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11. Your dance moves are a little dated.

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12. You appreciate a nice, hand-written letter.

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13. You have so many knick-knacks, there’s no room left on your shelves.

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14. Knitting is your jam.

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The winter you learned how to knit, everyone got a scarf for Christmas.

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15. You have a truly impressive mug collection.

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16. Your cat is your best friend.

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17. You’re an Olympic baker.

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18. When you watch commercials for kids, you marvel at how advanced toys are nowadays.

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19. You’re stoked to be in bed by 9:30.

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20. You have an irrational fear of falling.

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21. You force food on people.

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22. You rock a one-piece bathing suit like no other.

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23. You have a closet full of grandma sweaters.

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24. Most importantly, you’re always taking care of others.

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