The Internet Reacted Hilariously To Justin Bieber’s Arrest

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1. Justin Bieber was arrested and charged with driving under the influence, resisting arrest, and driving with an expired license on Thursday morning.


2. And Twitter had a lot to say about it. Starting with this image doing the rounds.

3. This picture got shared a lot.

5. But others had a similar idea.

Actual footage from Justin Bieber's DUI arrest in Miami Beach this morning...

7. While other people joked about his impending mugshot.

8. While others started a drag-racing meme.

BREAKING! First pictures released of Justin Bieber drag racing last night.

10. Some people grew bored of the news story.

12. While others found something else to concentrate on.

In other Justin Bieber related news, who KNEW his Dad was so good looking?

13. Some couldn’t help but joke about it.

My only concern for Justin Bieber is that this arrest will silence other men who look like incredibly hot lesbians.

DUI and drag racing? Not only is Justin Bieber in trouble, he's in trouble in the 1950's.

If Justin Bieber continues on this downward spiral, he could someday wind up mayor of Toronto.

16. Even picking up on the arrest report.

17. While some mocked it up.

18. And some, well — some decided to make a whole new Twitter page in ode to it.

I could really use Olivia Pope right now. Does she have offices in Miami Beach? Send her to Miami Dade County Jail. She's a #Belieber.

21. Yep, we even got a mention.

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