The 15 Most Underwhelming Celebrity Stories Of The Year

This was news? And people were excited by it?

1. Kanye West ate an ice-cream.

2. Leona Lewis admitted she likes to get wasted and trash hotel rooms.


Ahh… actually, no she doesn’t.

3. Dog owner and lover Kate Middleton took her dog for a walk.

4. Kate Middleton also went food shopping.

5. And Prince Harry also helped Kate get to sleep.


6. Another shocker: Prince William and Kate wore 3D glasses.

Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters

Suzanne Plunkett/Reuters


7. Michael Jordan DIDN’T sell his home.

BREAKING #NOTNEWS: Man puts house on the market. But it doesn't sell...

— TheMediaTweets (@The Media Blog)

8. Victoria Beckham smiled.

9. Michael Jackson’s ghost said his death was an accident. Okay then.

10. Jimmy Carr was spoonfed some lunch.

11. Myleene Klass was sent a baby-shaped cake.

Reveal Magazine

12. Simon Cowell spoke to The X Factor winner.

Sam Bailey spoke to Simon Cowell for the 1st time #NotNews

— HintonJonny (@Jonathan C Hinton)

13. Some knickers were hung on Charlie Hunnam’s door.

Now Magazine

14. Gregg Wallace is spending time with his family this Christmas.

Thanks to the Daily Telegraph for making whatever this is "news" (via @TheMichaelMoran)

— scottygb (@Scott Bryan)

15. And Blake Lively revealed she smells like chocolate chip cookies.

Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images

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