The Most Satisfying Celebrity Reunions Of 2014 So Far

2014: The year of the reunion. YAY!

1. When Lindsay Lohan and her Mean Girls co-star Daniel Franzese reunited, 10 years after the movie was filmed.

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2. Only to make it a bigger reunion along with Kevin G a couple of weeks later.

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3. Which prompted the boys to start hanging out and mingle with the stars.

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4. When Tom Hanks had a reunion with his Forrest Gump co-stars.

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5. And Melissa Joan Hart made us pine for Sabrina The Teenage Witch with this photo of herself with Aunt Zelda.

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6. And the Harry Potter boys met up, long hair and all.

REX USA/Dan Wooller / Rex
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7. Even the Buffy stars got in on the reunion action.

.@David_Boreanaz @EmilyDeschanel- A tale of two leading ladies #Bones #BVTS

— Sarah Michelle (@RealSMG)
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8. And the Lost cast managed to find their way into each other’s arms once more.

Michael Kovac / WireImage
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9. Then a Seinfeld reunion took place right before our very eyes.

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10. As did the Boy Meets World cast members on the set of Girl Meets World.

ID: 2861255

11. And a mini Full House reunion took place thanks to Dancing With The Stars.

ID: 2861474

12. While three of Girls Aloud headed out partying together.

ID: 2861439

13. And finally, the Spice Girls also got together for Victoria Beckham’s 40th birthday party, and got as drunk as they could.

REX USA/Beretta/Sims / Rex

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Kimberley Dadds is the UK celebrity editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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