The 15 Most Important Moments From Movie Week On “The X Factor”

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This week it was movie week, although some song choices were obscure and you couldn’t really tell what film they were from.

15. Nicole Scherzinger was as Sch-weird as usual with her reactions.


Is Shermazingswinger drunk? She's even more schweird than usual. In a good way of course #XFactor

14. Rough Copy sang “Everything I Do (I Do It For You)” by Bryan Adams.


Louis Walsh called them a UK version of Boyz II Men, of course he did, and it was a decent opener to the show.

Although we couldn’t help but daydream about Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves.

Kevin Costner, sigh.

13. Sam Callahan pretended to be shy about his looks, but got even more attention for it anyway.


You can always rely on Louis Walsh to pick a U2 song. Sam sang U2’s “All I Want Is You” as featured in the movie Reality Bites. It was slightly boring, but he got away with it thanks to that cute face.

My god everytime I see Sam Callahan I struggle to breath. Is this what fan girling is? #XFactor #sexy

12. Hannah Barrett sang “Skyfall” by Adele, and she was just amazing. But she landed in the sing off WTF?!


She pretty much stole the show, well, until Tamera came on of course. But on Sunday night she was left in the bottom two, leaving the nation quite frankly shocked.

11. But she of course got through. YAY.

10. Nicholas McDonald sang “In The Arms Of The Angel” from City Of Angels.


He sang well, although Gary reminded him to enjoy being 16 and not take things too seriously. Well, that told him. He also cringed when he had to admit the crazy fancy dress man in the audience was his Godfather.

9. But he got more comments for looking like a mini Michael Buble.

8. Abi Alton made people want to put the kettle on and grab a cuppa during her song, according to Sharon Osbourne.


And she got all upset and teary eyed after Mrs O told her she wants more CHAR-IS-MA! But miraculously she wasn’t in the sing off after performing “Moon River”.

7. Miss Dynamix sang Gabrielle’s “Dreams”. But theirs didn’t come true and they got sent home.


They ended up in the Flash Vote, then they were put in the sing off against Hannah and they quite frankly didn’t stand a chance.

But at least X Factor cleared up they had sung a movie song. Phew.

Now you may be wondering which film @GabrielleUk's "Dreams" features in... well dreams are in lots of movies. Inception. Elm St. #XFactor

6. Sam Bailey was “MACHESTICAL” with her rendition of Titanic’s “My Heart Will Go On”.


Oh Sam, we love you.

The best bit though was of course Gary admitting he fangirled Celine Dion last year in Las Vegas.


And it didn’t go unnoticed.

5. Kingsland Road sat up high as they sang “Pretty Woman”.


And they of course gave good hair again.

Nicole liked it so much she said she wanted their cheese to rain all over her. No, really.


4. Luke Friend washed his hair! Oh, and sang Seal’s “Kiss From A Rose” from Batman Forever.


He played his guitar and worked that lovely seaside charm of his.

And he called on the power of his “friendies” to get him through again.

That was soo amazing,loved every minute of it,you are all so fabulous for supporting me! #friendies #rad #friendiesrule

3. And finally Tamera Foster performed one of the most over performed songs of The X Factor.


And she was just brilliant at it. It was “Listen” by Beyonce, of course.

2. Oh, and then she climbed on top of a piano.


1. Then Gaga copied her on Sunday night, just with fewer clothes on.


The End.

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