The Hardest "Bridget Jones’s Diary" Quiz You’ll Ever Take

How well do you really know the film?

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  1. 1. What is the first word uttered in the film?
    1. You
    2. Why
    3. It
    4. This
  2. 2. How old was Bridget Jones when the film began?
    1. 30
    2. 31
    3. 32
    4. 33
  3. 3. What does Bridget call her mother's Christmas get together?
    1. “Annual turkey curry buffet”
    2. “Annual curry turkey buffet”
    3. “Annual turkey curry spread”
    4. “Annual turkey sandwich buffet”
  4. 4. What nationality was Mark Darcy's former wife?
    1. Chinese
    2. Japanese
    3. Filipino
    4. Indian
  5. 5. What was on Mark Darcy's terrible Christmas jumper when Bridget first met him?
    1. A snowman
    2. A cat under a Christmas tree
    3. A reindeer
    4. A polar bear
  6. 6. What was on the TV when Bridget got drunk on her own in her pyjamas?
    1. Frasier
    2. Friends
    3. Sex and the City
    4. Will & Grace
  7. 7. Mark gave many reasons why he wasn't interested in Bridget to his mother. Which one of these was NOT a reason?
    1. She drinks like a fish
    2. She swears like a sailor
    3. She’s a verbally incontinent spinster
    4. She smokes like a chimney
  8. 8. What did she weigh at the start of the film?
    1. 140 Ibs
    2. 151 Ibs
    3. 131 Ibs
    4. 136 Ibs
  9. 9. Which one of the following was NOT one of Bridget's new year's resolutions?
    1. Lose 20 Ibs
    2. Put last night’s pants in the laundry basket
    3. Get a nice, sensible boyfriend
    4. Stop smoking
  10. 10. Which legendary literary figure (who is dead) did Bridget pretend to be on the phone to?
    1. Noël Coward
    2. F.R. Leavis
    3. E. M. Forster
    4. P.G. Wodehouse
  11. 11. Where did she work alongside boss Daniel Cleaver?
    1. Pemberley Press
    2. Pilbury Press
    3. Pickbell Press
    4. Pride and Pelbury
  12. 12. What was Bridget's mother selling at the department store?
    1. Holy Toast Stamper
    2. Pastasaurus pasta server
    3. WiseCrack egg peeler
    4. That’s Nacho Cheese grater
  13. 13. Which university did she go to?
    1. Aberystwyth University
    2. Bangor University
    3. Middlesex University
    4. Cardiff University
  14. 14. How did Bridget realise Daniel was having an affair?
    1. She saw her cardigan on his coat rack
    2. She noticed makeup in his room
    3. She walked past the bathroom and saw the other woman
    4. She noticed an extra toothbrush in his bathroom
  15. 15. What film did Bridget watch when she split from Daniel?
    1. When Harry Met Sally
    2. Fatal Attraction
    3. High Fidelity
    4. Sound Of Music
  16. 16. What did she eat when she found out he was engaged?
    1. Waitrose Cornflakes
    2. Sainsbury’s Weetabix
    3. ASDA Granola
    4. Tesco Muesli
  17. 17. And what song did she play to drown her sorrows?
    1. Respect, Aretha Franklin
    2. I’m Every Woman, Chaka Khan
    3. It’s Raining Men, Geri Halliwell
    4. Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Diana Ross
  18. 18. Which one of these was NOT on her book shelf?
    1. How To Get What You Want And Want What You Have
    2. Life Without Men
    3. Women Who Love Men Are Mad
    4. Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus
  19. 19. What was the name of the TV show Bridget worked for?
    1. TVC News
    2. Teenage Kicks
    3. Sit Up Britain
    4. Get Up, Good Morning
  20. 20. What was the name of the case she reported on?
    1. The Augusta-Hilary Case
    2. The Adams-Huggins Case
    3. The Aghani-Heaney Case
    4. The Awhani-Healey Case
  21. 21. What is the name of the taxi firm near Bridget's house?
    1. Radio Taxis
    2. Dial-A-Lift
    3. Dial-A-Ride
    4. Sam’s Cars
  22. 22. What colour did Bridget dye her birthday soup?
    1. Pink
    2. Green
    3. Yellow
    4. Blue
  23. 23. How many times did Mark punch Daniel during their fight?
    1. 1
    2. 2
    3. 3
    4. 4
  24. 24. What is the correct order of these characters appearing on screen?
    1. Bridget, Mark Darcy, Bridget’s Mum, Daniel Cleaver
    2. Bridget’s Mum, Bridget, Mark Darcy, Daniel Cleaver
    3. Bridget, Bridget’s Mum, Mark Darcy, Daniel Cleaver
    4. Bridget’s Mum, Mark Darcy, Bridget, Daniel Cleaver
  25. 25. What are Bridget's parents names?
    1. Colin and Pamela
    2. Clive and Penelope
    3. Eric and Brenda
    4. Geoffrey and Patricia
  26. 26. What did Bridget say Mark had stuffed up his backside in her diary?
    1. A banana
    2. A courgette
    3. A gherkin
    4. A cucumber
  27. 27. At what event did Bridget finally tell Mark how she felt about him?
    1. At his engagement party to Natasha
    2. At her mother’s Christmas party
    3. At his parents’ ruby wedding anniversary party
    4. At her birthday meal
  28. 28. Where was Bridget supposed to be going on holiday with her friends?
    1. Amsterdam
    2. Paris
    3. Edinburgh
    4. Berlin
  29. 29. What pants was Bridget wearing at the end of the film?
    1. Leopard print ones
    2. Bright pink ones
    3. Spotty ones
    4. Big beige ones

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Kimberley Dadds is the UK celebrity editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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