James Blunt’s Most Epic Twitter Comebacks Will Make You LOL

Consider yourself James Blunt’d. WARNING: This will make you like him.

James Blunt has won the internet thanks to his Twitter account. In fact he OWNS his haters.

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1. For example this is how he reacts when people slate him.

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2. He’s full of sexual innuendos.

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3. And finds humour in everything.

I have this dire need to listen to James Blunt when I'm menstruating.

— dingus queen (@raeincorvati)
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4. He sometimes goes for the forward approach.

Hey @JamesBlunt what do I have to do to get a follow?

— Thomas Davias (@ThomasDavias)
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5. And unleashes many a confession.

James Blunt is my guilty pleasure

— Olivia (@OliviaMae_98)
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6. Even with sensible questions he can’t help himself.

@JamesBlunt Who do you look up to in the music world?

— Royphillips (@royphillips9)
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7. And even genuine fans aren’t safe from his comebacks.

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8. He has words of advice.

@JamesBlunt looks like my left testicle

— Damon Salvatore (@Lewisscoot)
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9. And don’t even get him started on grammar.

@JamesBlunt Your an ignorant CUNT!

— @paulmurtha (@Paulmurtha)
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10. He handles it all like a pro.

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11. To hilarious effect.

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12. Because haters gonna hate.

Have successfully managed to avoid James blunt's new song.Until a moment ago.Bonfire heart is truly awful. back to the army i say.

— Deirdre Hipwell (@DeirdreHipwell)
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13. And he knows this.

I want to kick James Blunt... repeatedly ... I dont know why

— Lizzie akers (@lizziea1)
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14. Ed Sheeran knows this.

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15. He’s quick to respond to anything involving his package.

Why does James Blunt sing like his willy is being stood on

— (@laurenlyall)
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16. Even when the tweets are in another language.

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17. And he’s never short of mum jokes.

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18. Like so.

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19. And yes, he spends his time searching for his name on Twitter.

@emmaogilvie_ @JamesBlunt he must have a sad life, must just search his name into twitter and wait to reply to stuff like that!

— James Mennie (@mennie_james)
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20. But he doesn’t care and we thank him for it.

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21. Because he’s a Twitter hero.

why have I got James Blunt stuck in my head this morning

— 'þ (@AmirEoinM)
ID: 3582743

22. With a sharp tongue.

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23. And perfect wit.

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24. Who will always, always have the last laugh.

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The End.

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Kimberley Dadds is the UK celebrity editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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