James Blunt’s Most Epic Twitter Comebacks Will Make You LOL

Consider yourself James Blunt’d. WARNING: This will make you like him.

James Blunt has won the internet thanks to his Twitter account. In fact he OWNS his haters.

1. For example this is how he reacts when people slate him.

2. He’s full of sexual innuendos.

3. And finds humour in everything.

I have this dire need to listen to James Blunt when I'm menstruating.

— raeincorvati (@dingus queen)

4. He sometimes goes for the forward approach.

Hey @JamesBlunt what do I have to do to get a follow?

— ThomasDavias (@Thomas Davias)

5. And unleashes many a confession.

James Blunt is my guilty pleasure

— OliviaMae_98 (@Olivia)

6. Even with sensible questions he can’t help himself.

@JamesBlunt Who do you look up to in the music world?

— royphillips9 (@Royphillips)

7. And even genuine fans aren’t safe from his comebacks.

8. He has words of advice.

@JamesBlunt looks like my left testicle

— Lewisscoot (@Damon Salvatore)

9. And don’t even get him started on grammar.

@JamesBlunt Your an ignorant CUNT!

— Paulmurtha (@@paulmurtha)

10. He handles it all like a pro.

11. To hilarious effect.

12. Because haters gonna hate.

Have successfully managed to avoid James blunt's new song.Until a moment ago.Bonfire heart is truly awful. back to the army i say.

— DeirdreHipwell (@Deirdre Hipwell)

13. And he knows this.

I want to kick James Blunt... repeatedly ... I dont know why

— lizziea1 (@Lizzie akers)

14. Ed Sheeran knows this.

15. He’s quick to respond to anything involving his package.

Why does James Blunt sing like his willy is being stood on

— laurenlyall (@)

16. Even when the tweets are in another language.

17. And he’s never short of mum jokes.

19. And yes, he spends his time searching for his name on Twitter.

@emmaogilvie_ @JamesBlunt he must have a sad life, must just search his name into twitter and wait to reply to stuff like that!

— mennie_james (@James Mennie)

20. But he doesn’t care and we thank him for it.

21. Because he’s a Twitter hero.

why have I got James Blunt stuck in my head this morning

— AmirEoinM (@'þ)

22. With a sharp tongue.

24. Who will always, always have the last laugh.

The End.

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