Howard Donald Tweeted, Then Deleted, A Picture Of Himself Completely Naked

Want to see the Take That star with a mangina? Step right this way. posted on

1. Take That’s Howard Donald decided it would be a great idea to post this picture on Twitter last night.

He then obviously regretted that decision because he has since deleted it from his account. But thanks to the quick thinkers at Digital Spy we have it saved FOREVER.

2. And before he deleted the image, it caused quite a stir online.

3. A new meme has even been born.

4. And when he wasn’t posing naked, he was raiding the fancy dress box.

6. Just a regular Wednesday night in then.

7. A night at home with Howard Donald looks like a blast.

8. And FYI, he was totally sober.

FYI last night,i wasn't drunk.was just having a ball routing through my mates fancy dress . If u don't get my sense of humour u never will

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