21 Times The Internet Fell In Love With Liam Payne

In ode to his 21st birthday. Many happy returns, Liam!

1. When this happened.


3. Literally any time he’s danced.

4. Because it’s just the best.

5. The time he wore a knitted jumper and played with a puppy. <3


6. When he gave this perfect response to people fat shaming him.

7. And the time his arm muscles were so big he proved all the haters wrong.


8. When he was a real tease with his fans.

9. And when he made us realise just how much he looks like David Beckham.

10. Every single time he’s shared his love for Batman.


12. Whenever he steps out in a suit.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

13. Or steps out generally at all.

Elsa / Getty Images

14. Especially when he steps out of the sea.

Grey Wasp / Splash News

15. Liam getting wet in general is simply a brilliant thing.


16. When he pretended to be a super agent and was perfect in every way.

17. When he grabbed his crotch and shimmied his heart out.

18. And any time he showed off his bromance with Harry Styles.

20. Beautiful, beautiful Liam.

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