Evander Holyfield Thinks Being Gay Is "A Choice" And That Gay People "Can Be Fixed"

Cue massive Twitter backlash.

1. Boxing champ Evander Holyfield likened gay people to being handicapped on Celebrity Big Brother last night and claimed they “can be fixed”.

Channel 5

2. He made the comments in a discussion to Luisa Zissman, who he has been chained to since entering the TV show on Friday night. In response to Luisa talking about gay people in sports coming out more, he said:

What would be good about it? That ain’t normal. It is a choice, come on, that ain’t the way nobody is made.

‘If you were born and your leg were turned this way, what do you do, you go to the doctor and get it fixed back, right?

‘All I’m trying to say, you know handicap people are born, you can’t say because they are born that way you can’t fix them.

3. Luisa tried to tell him it’s not a choice and told him it would be “bad” to have the conversation inside the house.

Channel 5

4. But he continued, and of course caused a massive Twitter backlash.

Evander Holyfield entitled to his opinion but saying homosexuality can be fixed is like saying dark skin can be treated with skin bleaching.

— MarkCSE1 (@Mark Cooper)

7. Including from a number of stunned celebrity viewers.

Wow Evander Holyfield has completely gone down in my estimations, what idiotic comments to make #CBB

— LaurenPope (@Lauren Pope)

Shame, I had such admiration for Mr Evander Holyfield, he seemed dignified and I was sure he was a cool, smart, giant!

— BoyGeorge (@Boy George)

At customs there should be a huge sign! Welcome to Britain, racism, sexism, homophobia and bad hair are not tolerated!

— BoyGeorge (@Boy George)

11. Evander has since been reprimanded by Big Brother.

Channel 5

Show bosses told him: “While Big Brother understands these are the views you hold, they aren’t the views that are held by a large section of society and expressing these views will be extremely offensive to many people. Do you understand why?”

He responded: “Yeah I understand why, I forgot about the thing. I was just telling her my opinion, but it’s not like I was gonna mention it to anybody else, that was just our conversation.”

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