13 Embarrassing Early Acting Roles Of “Game Of Thrones” Stars

Before there was Westeros, there were all these long-forgotten places.

1. Yes, there was life for Emilia Clarke before Game of Thrones and playing the Mother of Dragons.

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In fact, it all started for Emilia in 2009 when she appeared in a Samaritans advert.

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Before filming Syfy’s 2010 film Triassic Attack, in which she honed Khaleesi’s worried face.

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2. Kit Harington is now best known for his role as Jon Snow on Game of Thrones — which, believe it or not it, was his first on-screen job.

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But first he had learnt his craft on stage in War Horse as lead role Albert.

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And practiced his pouty sad lips that would soon take him to the Wall.

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3. Richard Madden, aka Robb Stark, hasn’t always been king of the North.

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He started off as king of BBC children’s comedy series Barmy Aunt Boomerang in the lead as young Sebastian.

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But most importantly, this is how he looked just a year before landing Game of Thrones.

This is him in 2010’s TV movie Worried About the Boy, as Theatre of Hate singer Kirk Brandon.

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4. Sean Bean played the head of the Stark household, Ned Stark.

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And yes, we knew him well before thanks to Sharpe and Co., but his first role was actually in 1986’s Caravaggio.

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But let’s just take a moment to remember his very first on screen role - in an advert for Barbican Lager in 1984.

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5. Peter Dinklage is one of our favourite GOT characters in his role as Tyrion Lannister.

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But he made his acting debut in 1995 alongside Steve Buscemi in Dwarfs in Dreams.

He plays a frustrated actor with dwarfism who complains about his clichéd roles in the film. No problem of that in his current role as Tyrion.

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6. It’s hard to imagine Jack Gleeson as anyone apart from King Joffrey in the HBO series.

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But he couldn’t have been more cute in his early role as a lost young boy in 2005’s Batman Begins.

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He also starred in 2009’s Irish family drama A Shine of Rainbows before landing on the Iron Throne.

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7. We know Lena Headey best as bitchy Cersei Lannister, as well her movie roles, including 300.

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But her acting life began in 1992 in Waterland, in which she filmed this sex scene when she was a teenager.


Not the floppy cropped hair!

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8. Nikolaj Coster-Waldau plays the part of Kingslayer Jaime Lannister like he’s been doing it forever.

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But acting life began for him in Nightwatch in his native Denmark, where he became a household name in the ’90s. He also displayed great acting abilities when faced with bad breath.

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9. Behold, Rose Leslie, better known now as Ygritte, who was lucky enough to bed Jon Snow on the show.

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The Scottish actress only made her debut in 2009 — here in TV film New Town.

And she made an impact straight away as she won the Scottish BAFTA for Best Acting Performance – New Talent for her portrayal.

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10. Natalie Dormer plays Margaery Tyrell of the noble House Tyrell.

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And it was success right from the start for her as she landed a role in Casanova just six months after graduating.


She then went on to star as Anne Boleyn in The Tudors opposite Jonathan Rhys Meyers and she’s been climbing up and up ever since.

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11. Alfie Allen has well and truly proved himself as a talented actor, none more so than as Theon Greyjoy in Game of Thrones.

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And he started from an early age: In 1998 Alfie and his sister Lily Allen appeared in Elizabeth alongside Cate Blanchett.


Just look at him!

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He also appeared in Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London and Atonement before making the move to Westeros.

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12. Charles Dance is currently playing Tywin Lannister in the series.

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And he began his on-screen life in an evil role too. In 1981 he starred in James Bond film For Your Eyes Only as evil henchman Claus.

Eon Productions

Eon Productions


Although his screen debut was actually in 1974, in BBC mystery series Father Brown as Commandant Neil O’Brien in The Secret Garden.

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13. And finally, Jason Momoa. He may be Khal Drogo to you, but he hasn’t always been a warlord.

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In fact, he was far from it in 1999, when he was parading around on beaches in Baywatch Hawaii.

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Let’s just see him in action, shall we?

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