11 Celebrity Tweets You May Have Missed This Week

It was a very angry week it would seem! posted on

1. Michelle Heaton revealed she’s having a boy.

Thank u for all your kind words. Yes, me & @hughhanley are expecting a little boy. After everything that's happened we are so so lucky......

2. TOWIE’s Mario Falcone showed he’s moved on from Lucy Mecklenburgh.

3. James Arthur went on an anti boy band rage.

4. While Dizzee Rascal vented over Radio 1.

Who ever does Radio 1 playlist suck my dick! I'm tired of you Cocksuckers you better stop playing me. Make up your fucking minds!!!

5. Meanwhile Amanda Holden and Paul O’Grady hung out with some cute pooches.

6. Lily Allen regretted her choice of Halloween costume.

It's Saturday night and I've had a bad reaction to the green paint from Halloween, my face is covered in hives. I'm also sat in a Harvester.

8. McFly’s Tom Fletcher had too much time on his hands.

There’s something so satisfying about crossing your little toe over the 2nd little toe and seeing how long you can keep it there.

10. Sarah Jessica Parker joined Twitter!

Very 1st tweet. Proud to share my new series city.ballet. on AOL On. @NYCballet dancers = extraordinary! … http://t.co/GMEGn0rqfv

11. And Maria Fowler started a bitch exchange with TOWIE’s Jasmin Walia.

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