Andi Peters Really, Really, Really, Really Loves Burgers

It’s really quite fascinating how much he loves meat in a bun… and talking about them. posted on

1. So it turns out former children’s TV presenter Andi Peters is a HUGE lover of burgers.

2. And that’s despite him being this ridiculously hench.

3. It’s really quite fascinating how much he shares his love for burgers on Twitter.

6. In fact, to date he has mentioned the word burger 84 times so far.

7. And that’s not including the amount of discussions he’s had not actually writing the word himself.

8. He’s such a connoisseur Andi’s even offering advice to fellow burger lovers.

9. Fans even tweet him from restaurants asking for recommendations.

11. And he always makes sure he praises his favourite burger joints.

13. Don’t even get him started on In-N-Out burger.

@maso106 Good man! So when are you back? It'll be work hard time. Tell me you've been to In'n'Out? It's a burger place, the best EVER!

@MartBenno Been there, yeah, good. YOU MUST have an In N Out, there are a couple in SD. Best burger, EVER. Have a Double Double.

Burger chat: In'n'Out's too late. There was one in London today for 4 hours in Hendon. Can't believe I didn't know abt it! #gutted

17. His in depth conversations are really quite something, especially when Gloria Hunniford’s concerned.

18. Andi even befriends new burger joint staff members. Even if he does get off on the wrong foot.

21. It seems to frame a lot of his social life.

24. But he does get very jealous when it comes to other celebrities’ burgers.

26. In fact, he even uses burgers as bargaining tools.

27. Andi even likes to share pictures of the burgers he eats.

30. Earlier this year Andi even made the “news” for eating a burger.


PR email: "I thought you should know that Andi Peters had an expensive burger last night." Photo attached of Andi Peters eating a burger.

32. Andi Peters <3’s Burgers. He really does.

Yes, yes Andi, we know.

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