Dear Winter Break

A letter from every heartbroken person ever. Because we’re all sad real life is starting again.

1. Dear Winter Break,

You’re such a tease.

ID: 786418

You build me up just to hurt me.

ID: 786420

And I fall for it every single time.

ID: 786422

In the beginning, things were perfect.

ID: 786423

We would stay up talking all night about everything.

ID: 786431

We would sleep until noon together.

ID: 786507

We would drink hot chocolate all day, every day.

ID: 786426

We would snuggle into the wee hours of the morning.

ID: 786425

And cuddle by the fire.

ID: 786443

We’d have all kinds of fun ;).

ID: 786427

But then, we started fighting.

ID: 786428

And it got worse.

ID: 786430

So, you left.

ID: 786436

I was heartbroken for the whole year you were gone.

ID: 786440

But once the cold arrived again, so did you.

ID: 786442

I thought things could be different this time.

ID: 786450

I thought maybe we could even have a future.

ID: 786434

But I was wrong.

ID: 786458

You left again.

ID: 786501

Today, I know that I still love you.

ID: 786461

I never stopped loving you.

ID: 786499

But I realize I can never have you.

ID: 786471

It’s ok, though.

ID: 786479

Only 168 days until summer.

ID: 786484

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