What Should We Call Me - Media Planning Edition

what better way to express the intricacies of media planning than with your favorite gifs?

1. When I try to chime in on a conference call with 4 other people talking at the same time I’m like

2. “We need to do a budget exercise…” I’m like

3. When a company tells me how amazing their new social platform will be I’m like

4. When my client quotes my idea back to me as if it was theirs I’m like

5. When someone takes food from a lunch and learn and leaves right after I want to be like

6. When I get offered Yankees tickets only to find that the seats aren’t 100 level I’m like

7. When I head to a lunch and learn only to see the rep ordered the same food I had yesterday I’m like

8. When “that rep” calls for the 5th time today I’m like

9. When a vendor starts a meeting by saying they work with most of my client’s competitors I’m like

10. When my client asks to cherry pick their prime tv buy I’m like

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