What Evil People Look Like, According To Classic Cartoons

Apparently bad people have fat lips, red hats, and effeminate eyebrows.

1. What villainy looks like to Don Bluth’s animation studio:

Fats lips, crooked dentistry, ashen complexion.

ID: 1161301

2. Disney: horrible people love arching their thin, effeminate painted eyebrows.

ID: 1170861

3. Moby lookalike pageant or DreamWorks evil nerd?

ID: 1171823

4. Gotta watch out for those ambitious gingers.

ID: 1173649

5. Never trust a dude with a froofy red hat.

Especially if he has a thin mustache.

ID: 1173710

6. Only heroes arch their brows with boyish ‘tude. Villains smirk and lord over us with their creepy eloquence.

ID: 1173793

7. Mix and match these features and you have yourself a mondo evil dude/dudette:

ID: 1171722

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