The 12 Most WTF ’90s Nintendo Commercials

Nintendo got with the 90’s rude ‘tude.

1. Pokemon Red & Blue (Gameboy)

Creepy bus driver abducts a bus full of Pokemon, locks them in, and crushes the bus with industrial compactors. Probably directed by Tim Burton after Batman Returns. Watch the commercial here.

ID: 1024696

2. Pokemon “Ball Busters”

Ad for an unfortunately named Hasbro tie-in toy.

ID: 1024594

3. Donkey Kong Country (SNES)

ID: 1023964

4. Yoshi’s Story (N64)

ID: 1025268

5. Conker’s Bad Fur Day (N64)

Woman gets drunk, makes questionable choices, and beds a rude squirrel. Just another day in the 90’s.

ID: 1025229

6. Nintendo 64 Christmas Sale (1998)

People complained about their gifts. The economy was good, and it was rad to be snotty. Hear the jingle for yourself.

ID: 1025109

7. Secret of Evermore (SNES)

A great, underrated game given a gothic nightmare toon treatment.

ID: 1024203

8. Super Smash Brothers 64

Watch the commercial here.

ID: 1024278

9. Starfox 64

Man leaps out of diaper van, kidnaps a cadet, tortures a Mario puppet. You’re just gonna have to watch this to figure it out.

ID: 1024522

10. Zelda: A Link To The Past (SNES)

There’s enough slap-bass in this Japanese rap commercial to knock Seinfeld off air.

ID: 1025012

11. Pokemon Pikachu 2

Shake things up with Pokemon Pikachu 2.”

ID: 1026781

12. Perfect Dark (N64)

ID: 1026680

Perfect Dark’s happening in ten years. Good game, everyone.

ID: 1026707

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