Street Photography In “Grand Theft Auto V”

Fernando Pereira Gomes takes artful photos in the most expensively built fake city in video game history.

Fernando Pereira Gomes is a Brazilian photography student at New York’s School of Visual Arts. Instead of shooting random pedestrians in “Grand Theft Auto V,” he shoots street photos of the virtual city with his in-game cellphone (there’s even an Instagram parody app called Snapmatic). The result is jarringly elegiac for a video game often trotted out as Exhibit A of the medium’s violence.

Below are a few of his shots depicting daily life in San Andreas.

ID: 1877053


ID: 1876351

Construction Worker, Los Santos.

ID: 1876358

Palomino Avenue, Los Santos.

ID: 1876355


ID: 1876354

Alhambra Drive, Sandy Shores.

ID: 1876353

Nikola Avenue, Los Santos.

ID: 1876357

Marathon Avenue, Los Santos

ID: 1877014

While Gomes takes a street photo approach, others have grown enamored with its lush landscapes, and it’s not surprising the game’s city looks so gorgeously alive: “Grand Theft Auto V” had a development budget of over $137 million.

You can follow Fernando’s ongoing project at Street Photography V.

ID: 1877339

And for comparison, these are Gomes’ non-virtual street photos. You can see a lot of the same spare aesthetics at work:

ID: 1877476

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