32 Signs You Are Literally A Badass Wolf IRL

How to know you are the raddest snouty animal on earth.

1. You have creepy fans.

ID: 1279031

2. You are a teenage metaphor.

ID: 1269015

3. Yuo cnanot raed human wrds. Whadda heck is a walf???

ID: 1267379

4. You were raised by wolf parents who named you “grawrf” or “snarl.”

ID: 1264358

5. You know wolves are just dogs who don’t give a fuck.

ID: 1267536

6. You are mega-rude and look like you enjoy Nine Inch Nails.

ID: 1267961

7. You’re too badass to suffer compliments.

ID: 1269341

8. You like to make out with Ernest Hemingway.

ID: 1278475

9. You make out with your bros.

ID: 1268351

10. Liberals like to touch you.

ID: 1277678

11. Republicans want to shoot you.

ID: 1278808

12. This is the most important infographic.

ID: 1267764

13. You look majestic doing anything.

ID: 1267835

14. You have a rocket-schnoz.

ID: 1268454

15. You enjoy watermelons on hot days.

ID: 1268342

16. You hang out with the Starks.

ID: 1277840

17. If punk and metal and gave birth to a skateboard, that’d be you. You kickflip over your fans and don’t sign autographs.

ID: 1277771

18. You are a team-player and results-driven go-getter in the ever-changing dog-eat-dog world of business.

ID: 1267700

19. Sometimes you bite your own goddang tail.

ID: 1268294

20. Sometimes you grace the gun-flesh of bros.

ID: 1279038

21. Sometimes you howl for a goddang Frappacino.

ID: 1269233

22. Sometimes a shirt with your face on it gets people laid.

ID: 1277917

23. You secretly just want hugs.

ID: 1268803

24. This loser is a disgrace to your pack.

ID: 1267124

25. These memes are acceptable.

ID: 1268252

26. This human meme is not.

ID: 1267977

27. DeviantArt hobbyists fetishize your culture. Rude.

ID: 1268385

28. Teens want to be you.

ID: 1268138

29. Unacceptable. Wolves do not smoke the marijuanas. Wolves are against crimes and drugs.

ID: 1268067

30. Fuck the police.

ID: 1278294

31. You remember those who rescued you.

ID: 1278566

32. You defend your bros, even if they are not literally an awesome wolf like you are.

ID: 1278387

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