Korean Students Speak Up With Written Signs

Fulbright teachers ask Korean students to speak their minds. This Tumblr is a snapshot of South Korea today.

For this photo journal, Fulbright teaching assistants asked their students to express themselves, practice English, and pose with signs they made. South Korea has the world’s longest working hours, worst stress indexes, and highest suicide rates, and (unsurprisingly) many students choose to vent about societal pressure. Calling school a juvie isn’t as melodramatic when you’re studying there for up to 15 hours a day.

But besides that, the photo journal offers an oddly poignant glimpse into the daily lives of South Korean students, their views on politics, and their hopes for the future. Here’s what they want to say to the world:

ID: 1058264

5. On affection:

ID: 1058131

8. On etiquette:

ID: 1057955

9. On US pop culture:

ID: 1057926

12. On mothers:

ID: 1057751

This is likely a comment on how rarely they get to spend significant time at home.

ID: 1057755

14. On school:

ID: 1057654

22. On violence:

ID: 1057412

26. On their wishes and beliefs:

ID: 1058083

29. On their plans for the future:

ID: 1058053

35. On money:

ID: 1058132

37. On Korea:

ID: 1058114

43. On philosophy:

ID: 1058280

49. See the rest of the stunning tumblr here.

ID: 1058078

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