30 Painfully Talented Artists You Should Follow On Pixiv

Japan’s largest social network for artists is a bonanza for charming cartoons and swooping fantasy illustrations.

With 5 million members and 29 million artworks, Pixiv is probably the largest artists’ social network you haven’t heard of yet. The online gallery was founded in Shibuya, Tokyo, and only launched its English and international version in 2011. In 2009, Pixiv held its first convention in Japan. It also has its own quarterly magazine. In other words, it’s a lot like DeviantArt — with the house style skewing towards mindbogglingly elaborate citycapes and wistful anime naifs instead of DeviantART’s cyberpunk and goth obsession. There’s a lot of generic high school doodling, sure, but there’s also (as you’ll see below) disgustingly talented artists that will make your face collapse and your spleen explode.

ID: 1767563

1. K, Kanehira

32 year old professional illustrator in Tokyo.

ID: 1766259


25 year old artist based in Kyoto.

ID: 1765714

3. 森林栄二

21 year old student based in Beijing.

ID: 1765755

4. コーラ

23 year old illustrator from Niigata, Japan.

ID: 1766461

5. 錢憶 語飄

24 year old movie storyboard artist based in Shanghai.

ID: 1767411

(What is even going on here?)

ID: 1766851

10. pony

27 year old oil painter based in Tokyo.

ID: 1766075

11. まめふく

Based in Tokyo.

ID: 1770551

12. 宮崎

26 year old in Tokyo. Definite Ashley Wood vibes on this.

ID: 1767251

13. gomnaga

26 year old book cover illustrator in Tokyo.

ID: 1766348

14. omiso

Currently has an exhibition in Tokyo.

ID: 1765796

16. 舟岡

Kyoto-based artist.

ID: 1766252

17. セミ

26 year old Korean artist living in Kanagawa, Japan.

ID: 1767452

18. たみ

22 year old in Osaka.

ID: 1766442

19. くの

College student in Osaka.

ID: 1766874


Comic artist in Hong Kong

ID: 1766386

22. げみ

Fanzine illustrator from Kyoto.

ID: 1766370

23. 瞬く

The new definition of “cat-bearding.”

ID: 1767198

24. 京一

Manga artist in Japan.

ID: 1766492

26. 灰庭結李.

Color pencil illustrator from Japan.

ID: 1766123

28. tomoko

Painter based in Yokohama.

ID: 1771229

29. kudamono790

34 year old artist based in England.

ID: 1771295

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