10 Mundane Superpowers Every Twentysomething Wishes They Had

Comics that don’t judge you for being a SLOBLORD.

1. The ability to enjoy a loud, crowded party without chugging a billion drinks.

ID: 2481342

2. The ability to Control+F or Control+Y in real life:

ID: 2486835

3. The ability to promptly open mail without erupting in a Vesuvius of rage-vomiting.

ID: 2481344

4. The ability to arrive on time for goddang once.

ID: 2226787

5. The ability to eat better than this:

ID: 2514321

6. The ability to think of a witty comeback to every insult and backhanded comment.

ID: 2504328

7. The ability to carry the feeling of motivation across to the next day.

ID: 2514361

8. The ability to not hit “refresh” on Twitter/Tumblr/Facebook over and over and over.

ID: 2504333


ID: 2504474

10. The ability to borrow self-esteem from your future self.

ID: 2481333

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