Chinese Grads Share College Regrets in Photo Meme

A peek into Chinese campus life.

On (China’s answer to Facebook and LinkedIn), moderators urged seniors and recent grads to share their biggest college regrets. The photo project offers a fun peek into campus life in China, as well as an offhand view of Chinese dorm living (many of them stack 6 bunks to a room).

Below are translations of the things these grads regret.

ID: 1648507

1. “I’ve had a crush on him since freshman year. Four years later, I still didn’t have the courage to tell him. Such regret!”

ID: 1647854

2. “Failed to become a female assassin.”

ID: 1648074

3. “Never been in a fight.”

ID: 1648427

4. “Didn’t find my one true bromance.”

His roommate on the side: “I thought we were bros, bro.”

ID: 1647788

5. “Never had a relationship in college.”

ID: 1648049

6. “1. Never won any scholarship. 2. Never traveled by myself. 3. Never got to see Mayday in concert.”

ID: 1647915

7. “Biggest college regrets: 1. Did not sleep with this cat!!! 2. Didn’t achieve 1600+ LOL Rank.”

ID: 1648326

8. “Never spent a night with my goddess. Been recovering my bball skills the whole time. Stayed the same weight. How regretful should I be?”

ID: 1648346

9. “I regret missing our spring formal dance. MaoMao, you’re always a goddess in my heart.”

ID: 1647810

10. “Didn’t marry. Didn’t have kids.”

ID: 1647977

11. “Parted ways with ‘Mr. G’ before the last semester. Whatever happens, I hope he finds happiness.”

ID: 1648127

12. “Didn’t realize how much he loved me til he left.”

ID: 1648198

13. “<3 becoming a geek girl. < / 3 missing out on things because I became a geek girl.”

ID: 1648182

14. “I regret not staying with her in Beijing.”

ID: 1647973

15. “Never beat De-peng in DOTA.”

ID: 1648148

16. “Never won any money in poker.”

ID: 1648045

17. “Met you two years too late.”

ID: 1648116

18. “Never got a good seafood dinner.”

ID: 1648106

19. “Found my rice bowl (job), lost my dreams, then found grad school and lost my rice bowl again.”

ID: 1647884

I’m not entirely sure what that nose is about.

ID: 1647830

21. “I deeply regret telling my mom I was in a relationship. She yelled at me all night.”

ID: 1647835

22. “Failed the bar exam and college English requirement. Was only in one relationship… but WE’RE GETTING MARRIED!”

ID: 1648311

23. “Too few girlfriends, too much bullshitting.”

ID: 1648449

24. “Never partied like crazy. Never wore high heels. Never wore any makeup.”

ID: 1647967

25. “1. Never travelled to Mt. Huang. 2. Didn’t start skipping classes in freshman year. 3. Failed to flunk any of my classes.”

ID: 1647935

26. “1. Never found a boyfriend. 2. Failed to work off my double chin. 3. Failed to learn English.”

ID: 1647950

27. “Failed to lose weight.”

ID: 1647982

28. “1. Never had a relationship. 2. Never bought anything for my parents with the money I earned. 3. Never mastered a foreign language or traveled alone.”

ID: 1648005

29. “Can’t hang out with my bros forever after college.”

ID: 1648214

30. “There’s still so much more to see in Beijing.”

ID: 1648240

31. “No Regrets.” #Yolo. Get out of my face.

ID: 1648014

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