9 Utterly Bizarre Japanese Cartoons About Cooking And Food

Tofu glistens like a billion suns, and a chef discovers he has demonic ancestry. Just another day in anime cooking school.

1. Chuuka Ichiban!

A “cooking war” rages in 19th Century China. Expert chefs duel each other by vomiting up the perfect golden fried rice, finding legendary cooking knives, and making dumplings the size of tables. Tofu glistens like a billion suns. There’s also a underground society of 108 evil chefs who want to control all of China.

Etsushi Ogawa

ID: 2793912

Sashimi pieces sail through the air as patrons scream into their own reflection. Just another day in anime cooking school.

Etsushi Ogawa
ID: 2798459

2. Ben-To

Everyone beats the living hell out of each other to get half-priced bento lunch boxes at a supermarket. Our hapless protagonists unwittingly stumbled into this supermarket and wins the brawl. He’s then invited to a secret society of warriors who fight each other for discount supermarket food.

Kaito Shibano
ID: 2793622
Kaito Shibano
ID: 2793624

3. Yakitate!!

A boy genius struggles to invent “Ja-Pan,” a national bread for Japan. He also possess a legendary pair of “solar hands” — hands that can warm dough to hasten the yeast fermentation process. The whole series pokes fun of the melodramatic shonen fighter comic genre.

Takashi Hashiguchi
ID: 2793737

4. Drops of God

Kanzaki Shizuku has never tasted wine before, but when his estranged father dies, he discovers that his dad was a world-class wine critic, and he must compete with master sommeliers from across the world to identify 13 bottles of wine called “The Twelve Apostles” and “Drops of God” to inherit his estate.

This comic was so acclaimed in Asia that it boosted wine imports in Japan, Korea and Taiwan.

Tadashi Agi

Tadashi Agi

ID: 2793963

5. Akikan (Empty Can)

A high school boy discovers soda cans that can actually transform into… girls?? These anthropomorphic soda cans need carbonation to survive. They also must battle each other until the superior type of soda can is revealed.

Riku Ranjō
ID: 2793790

6. Toriko

Toriko roams the earth battling, cooking, and eating rare monsters. He fights against an evil Gourmet Corp in the race to find GOD, a cooking ingredient so powerful that it could end wars for hundreds of years.

ID: 2794097

Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro

ID: 2798755

7. Shirokuma Cafe

A lazy, half-employed panda hangs out at a cafe run by a polar bear. They cook delicious-looking cartoon food. Humans drop in sometimes and talk to them too, and no one finds it weird that a polar bear can cook and talk. This series is actually really adorable.

ID: 2798912
ID: 2798926

8. Addicted to Curry

A schoolgirl feeds a streetside punk a life-changing dollop of curry rice. They work together to revive her father’s failing restaurant, and cook heavenly, face-melting curry, trouncing all their evil curry-rivals in cooking battles. He turns out to be a huge pervert.

Kazuki Funatsu

ID: 2798958

9. Kuitan (Gluttonous Detective)

Detective Seiya Takano solves high-level cases by compulsively swallowing all the food at the scene of the crime, and finding clues with his gourmet tastebuds.

ID: 2794328

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