28 Anime Obsessions Taken Too Far

Reality is for people who can’t handle anime.

1. This lifestyle choice

2. These eye makeup girls

3. This Ukrainian woman who wants to be a real-life anime character

She’s even considering surgery.

4. Whoever thought ‘Silence of the Lambs’ needed more anime

5. These anime dads

6. These anime bears

7. This boss anime dealer in Van Buren, Arkansas

Holy god, best commercial of anything ever.

8. Whoever thought of this

10. And this dude working at a tacqueria

Who’s super excited for new Sailor Moon episodes this summer.

11. This half-assed Gundam fan who became a full-assed Gundam figurine

12. This Pope Rasengan fan art

13. This defaced Chinese literature textbook

14. This guy asking how to put anime on Facebook

15. Meryl Streep, Empress of Yu-Gi-Oh

16. The president of Domino’s Pizza

“Hello I’m Scott, president of Domino’s Pizza. Have you heard of Hatsune Miku??”

17. These cosplay weddings

18. Whoever decorated this room

Sweet lampshade, bro.

20. This regrettable ‘Ace Combat’ mod

21. These otaku teachers

22. James Franco in 30 Rock

23. This aggressive Valentine’s Day card

24. Whatever’s happening here

26. This literal anime dog IRL

27. This super defensive teen wolf

28. And this opinionated Kanye West

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