28 Anime Obsessions Taken Too Far

Reality is for people who can’t handle anime.

1. This lifestyle choice

ID: 1007511

2. These eye makeup girls

ID: 1008530

3. This Ukrainian woman who wants to be a real-life anime character

She’s even considering surgery.

ID: 1011505

4. Whoever thought ‘Silence of the Lambs’ needed more anime

ID: 970704

5. These anime dads

ID: 1011569

6. These anime bears

ID: 1007708

7. This boss anime dealer in Van Buren, Arkansas

Holy god, best commercial of anything ever.

ID: 973877

8. Whoever thought of this

ID: 973960

9. Kreayshawn

ID: 1007745

10. And this dude working at a tacqueria

Who’s super excited for new Sailor Moon episodes this summer.

ID: 1007974

11. This half-assed Gundam fan who became a full-assed Gundam figurine

ID: 1008127

12. This Pope Rasengan fan art

ID: 1009159

13. This defaced Chinese literature textbook

ID: 1008986

14. This guy asking how to put anime on Facebook

ID: 973873

15. Meryl Streep, Empress of Yu-Gi-Oh

ID: 1007775

16. The president of Domino’s Pizza

“Hello I’m Scott, president of Domino’s Pizza. Have you heard of Hatsune Miku??”

ID: 1007661

17. These cosplay weddings

ID: 1011524

18. Whoever decorated this room

Sweet lampshade, bro.

ID: 1008510

19. This animobile

ID: 1012395

20. This regrettable ‘Ace Combat’ mod

ID: 1012622

21. These otaku teachers

ID: 1012521

22. James Franco in 30 Rock

ID: 1012818

23. This aggressive Valentine’s Day card

ID: 1012670

24. Whatever’s happening here

ID: 1007590

26. This literal anime dog IRL

ID: 1008001

27. This super defensive teen wolf

ID: 1011495

28. And this opinionated Kanye West

ID: 1012072

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