19 Badasses Heroically Flipping Off Cute Animals

F*ck you, cutie. Warning: SWEARS.

1. You’re going straight to IMGUR, keyboard cat.

ID: 1172036

2. Off the couch!

ID: 1172027

3. Stop tilting your head adorably at me!

ID: 1172059

4. No one out-cutes me on my watch.

ID: 1177623

5. This is for gnawing on my laundry.

ID: 1172011

6. This dog is getting hecka slutshamed.

ID: 1172072

7. This love is so wrong, swan.

ID: 1175865

8. Do not unleash your passion-creativities at Full Sail University, elephant.

ID: 1176070

9. This is for knocking over all our cups, cat.

(Cat remains unrepentant; does not understand middle fingers.)

ID: 1172025

10. [Unimpressed cat stare]

ID: 1172049

11. Oppa fuck you, cat.

ID: 1172052

12. I had a FUCK YOU, CATS.

ID: 1171997

13. And you too, pug.

ID: 1172055

14. Dog: “I’ve had better burritos anyway.”

ID: 1172060

15. Dog: “That’s just, like, your opinion, man.”

ID: 1175875

16. Dog: “Well, fuck YOU, I’m Shrek.”

ID: 1172070

17. Bat [shrieking in ultrasound]: “Your mother prefers Bud Lime to Bud Regular.”

ID: 1172133

18. Entire zoo: “No, YOU eat it.”

ID: 1172488

Let the animals respond to their critics:

ID: 1173098

19. Alright, enough. Truce.

ID: 1172515

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