17 Most inventive GIFs of FEELS

Let’s talk about America’s leading natural disaster: FEELS.

1. Let’s talk about FEELS.

ID: 1111222

2. Yes, that thing you have after watching Dear Zachary.

ID: 1111030

3. Sometimes you drown in them.

ID: 1111293
ID: 1113244
ID: 1111300

6. Sometimes they fall out of your goddamn cupboard.

ID: 1113104

7. Sometimes they come crashing from the goddamn sky.

ID: 1113098

8. Sometimes they barrel down the sidewalk and crash behind your knees.

ID: 1111041

9. Or maybe they swallow you up.

ID: 1111277

10. FEELS give you wings.

ID: 1111153

11. FEELS may have shifted in the overhead compartment during the flight.

ID: 1111033

12. Take a FEELS football in your FEELS thorax.

ID: 1111272

13. Don’t ever hold them.

ID: 1111274

14. Don’t ever try to keep up.

ID: 1111302

15. Don’t ever enter a FEELS arena.

ID: 1113100

16. Be careful when you’re buying a FEELS hot dog at a FEELS hot dog stand!

ID: 1113643

17. FEELS: one of America’s leading natural disasters. 313 million people suffer from them every year.

ID: 1113759

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