16 Weirdly Specific iTunes Essentials Mixes

What does iTunes recommend for stressed out soccer moms? And funerals? And Cee-lo’s cat?

1. Bro Rock

Deep Cuts includes Godsmack, Hoobastank and Papa Roach. A reviewer has this to say of the mix: “nah, brah.”

ID: 953651

2. Soccer Mom Chillout

Being a soccer mom can be stressful, and for all the soccer-mom woes, a little Jack Johnson chillout is in order.

ID: 953819

3. Latin Songs For Household Chores

Description: “And who doesn’t enjoy a lowrider groove when gardening?” What.

ID: 953918

4. Funerals: Songs of Mourning

A playlist for all your funeral mourning needs here.

ID: 953812

5. Cee-Lo’s Purrfect Mix

Cee-lo created this mix on iTunes for his cat.

ID: 953783

6. Indie Wedding

Songs for those craving a bit of exceptionalism at their nuptials. Just a bit, but not too much.

ID: 953885

7. Medieval Chants

Chill to the illest monkwave music, y’all.

ID: 953869

8. Mexican Restaurant

There are also the Italian Restaurant and French Dinner Party Essential mixes.

ID: 953973

9. Gay Pride: Girls

If you’re wondering what songs to play when a lesbian character walks on screen on the sitcom script you’re writing, iTunes thinks these are safe bets.

ID: 956062

10. Gay Pride: Boys

Ditto here.

ID: 956063

11. Recovery Songs

Songs for when you’re strapped to a hospital bed. You’re guaranteed to hate the songs afterwards.

ID: 953977

12. Soldier Song

Songs for when you’re getting shipped out to Iraq.

ID: 954003

13. More Cowbell

Riding that Christopher Walkens buzz a decade later.

ID: 954098

14. Father/Daughter Dance Jams

72 songs for the father/daughter wedding slow dance.

ID: 954033

15. Yacht Rock

Your yacht is seriously missing some MJ.

ID: 954058

16. Godsmack Essentials

Godsmack You! Black Emperor.

ID: 953895

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