15 Mesmerizing GIFs Of Sea Life

From the shallows to the deep in 15 GIFs and marine facts.

50-80% of all life on our planet exists in the ocean.

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Sunlight can only penetrate to a depth of around 200m.

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The top ten feet of the ocean’s surface contains as much heat as the Earth’s entire atmosphere.

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Humans have only explored 10% of the space hospitable to life in the ocean.

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The ocean contains 97% of the water on earth.

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Each year, three times as much garbage is dumped into the ocean as the total weight of fish caught.

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The ocean is the biggest source of protein for human consumption.

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Yes, bigger than farming.

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The Great Barrier Reef is the biggest living structure on earth, visible even from space.

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Coral is biologically so similar to human bone that it’s used as bone grafts in some surgeries.

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Below 1000m under sea level, there is absolutely no light except for lights created by living creatures.

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85% of the area of the ocean is what we call the “deep sea”. Lightless, cold, only a few degrees above freezing.

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Most deep sea species take 20+ years to mature to reproductive age. Deep sea trawling threatens most species.

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A majority of deep sea creatures have yet to be identified.
Every deep sea exploration finds hundreds of new species, but they’re expensive.

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Among the species awaiting discovery: ravenous colonies of pelagic Nicholas Cages.
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