12 Truest Comics About Bros

Totes true, brah.

1. Tru brahs dig fiscal responsibility.

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2. Bros dress to the occasion.

By Kate Or Die.

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3. Honorable bros wears only the choicest swag and menswear.

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4. This is how to hug a bro.

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5. Sometimes, a college freshman will have the honor of witnessing an ironic bro’s slip into true brodom.

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6. All bros speak brobonics.

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7. Frat bros endure harsh pledge terms for the privilege of chilling out.

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8. Bros teach each other a lot about romance.

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9. Sometimes bros settle their differences like this:

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10. Sometimes by stepping outside their Miami ultra-lounges.

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11. This is what bros mean by YOLO:

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12. Lastly: true brodom lasts til the afterlife. May yall play eternal rounds of Muscle Milk pong in heaven, brah.

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