12 Comics That Will Ruin Your Childhood

What’s Airbud up to these days? You don’t want to know.

1. Sonic the joyless ring-hoarder.

By Jeremy Kaye.

ID: 2387043

2. Airbud the freebase hound.

By Jeremy Kaye.

ID: 2363359

3. Tintin regretted how he told his own adventures in the Middle East after reading Edward Said’s “Orientalism”.

By Kevin Moore.

ID: 2390838

4. No Country For Old Donkey Kongs.

By Zac Gorman.

ID: 2388033

5. Luigi: unpaid intern for life.

By Jeremy Kaye.

ID: 2387127

6. Ash: voted worst boss of ever.

By Jeremy Vinar and Mike Fahmie.

ID: 2388835

7. Poke-juche.

By サッカン.

ID: 2388494

8. Tony The Tiger lost his health insurance.

By Andrew Willmore.

ID: 2388583

9. The end of Link’s quest:

By Zac Gorman.

ID: 2388028

10. Why Garfield hates Mondays.

By KC Green.

ID: 2388752

11. Scooby’s free love coop ran into tough times in the 80’s.

ID: 2363369

12. Trick or treat! What’s your costume?

By Wes & Tony.

ID: 2388257

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