i couldn't be arsed to fill this in right now if you know me then i dont need to fill this in do and i cant spell very well which is strange as i did honours english and love to read.
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    • kennethd2

      As a guy this really annoys me, suddenly because im a guy im automatically a rapist just waitimg to pounce………i have been out at night where i have been more afraid of drunk women then the guys because if a girl was to attack me there is nothing i can do that will not end with me in a cell for the nigth, i remember one time on the night buss home a guy and his girlfriend on the bus and the girlfriend drunk just laying into him slapping him and punching him in the head and he just sat there he tried told her hands but she kept sying she would report him for assault as a guy its always the girls word against you, dont get me wrong violence against women is wrong but so is violence against men.