Vergil’s Downfall All Cutscenes / Review

While I like Vergil’s gameplay much more than Dante’s, and really like the Comic Cutscenes, the game itself is sadly short… Now here are a few facts: Campaign only has 6 Missions. The campaign, if played by a pro, can be beaten in LESS than an hour. Vergil has an Angel and an Devil Stance, and his Devil Trigger is differently handled than Dante’s. He has Demon Pull and Angel hook, and they are better used than Dante’s. They got rid of the double tap attacks, instead all Attacks are available through Stances. Instead of Bonus Gates and Keys, you will find health upgrade fragments and one full Cross. No new weapon for Vergil, just two styles. His Devil Trigger are two Things: The first one being his hallow clone who we’ve met at the final boss from dante’s main storyline. He will miminc your attacks and summons sword & toss it at his enemies. His devil Trigger that is shown in the Comic and on Artworks is his default outfit after beating the story which I thought was neat, and you may need to watch the video to know what I’m talking about which will be linked below. The Story is set after the main game, & is somewhat confusing if you don’t pay well attention. While he got Angel and Devil Stance, he can not attack red colored enemies. Why I know this? Because there is only one kind in his story which are the blue witches. His devil Trigger has several “modes” you can switch it too with the d-pad (if you unlock them in the shop), however it is not explained how exactly they work. Lastly… There is a cliffhanger. I really love the game for what it is, but my expectations for Vergils Downfall were not met. While the gameplay I found somewhat okay, I mostly enjoy the epic storyline of Vergil. I honestly enjoy Vergil’s storyline more than his brother’s main story. It was very entertaining so make sure to purchase it in the coming weeks.

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