7 Ways Harry Potter Has Changed The Way You See The World

In celebration of J.K. Rowling’s 48th birthday! (And Harry’s 33rd!)

1. Turning 11 years old now feels somewhat disappointing.

But…where’s my Hogwarts letter?

2. You’ve started questioning your pet’s behavior.

Animal or animagus? We can never be sure at this point.

3. You’ve become that person who’s always correcting others’ grammar.

Don’t forget to swish and flick!

4. Your social clique priorities have completely changed.

I don’t care if he’s a jock. That guy’s been acting like such a Hufflepuff these days.

5. Beer pong no longer presents a big enough challenge.

Quidditch Pong: taking the game of drinking to new and exciting heights.

6. Housewives = Badass.

Don’t mess with mothers, people!

7. And, of course, Halloween costumes will never be the same.

Pure awesomeness.

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