22 Habits That Will Never Get You Laid

Sometimes a person’s worst c***block is themselves.

1. Over-excessive winking.

When it comes to seduction, sometimes less is more.

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2. Or the less commonly used, wink-point combo.

Let’s call it the “Costanza Special.”

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3. Coming on a little too strong.

There’s a fine line between eagerness and desperation.

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4. Or not strong enough.


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5. Dropping the L word too soon.

We’ve all been there.

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6. Because sometimes honesty ISN’T always the best policy.

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7. In fact, the less your date knows, the better.

It’s smarter to save those deep, dark secrets until after the honeymoon.

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8. Developing “The Janice” laugh.

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9. Or the creepy Masuka giggle.

Instant mood killer.

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10. Ugly crying.

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11. Just please. Don’t.

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12. But if you must cry, at least own up to it.

Temper tantrums only make things worse.

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13. Menstrual talk of any kind.

Note: using similes doesn’t make the process any cuter.

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14. In fact, oversharing can be extremely dangerous at any age.

Some things are just better left unsaid.

ID: 1578486

15. Baby talk.

Do I really need to explain this one?

ID: 1578519

16. Talking to inanimate objects.

Sorry, Wilson.

ID: 1578535

17. Or even just to yourself.

We all do it, but save that shit for when you’re alone.

ID: 1578541

18. THIS:

Being the worst person ever will definitely take a toll on your sex life.

ID: 1578549

19. Getting a little too caught up with your inner-geek.

Role playing can be sexy. This is not.

ID: 1578598

20. The Carlton dance.

The dancing. The sweater. I’m afraid it’s going to be one long, lonely winter, my friend.

ID: 1578657

21. Everything in this picture.


ID: 1578661

22. And, of course, any emission of foul odors.

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