9 GIFs That Show How Climate Change Will Affect Earth

Temperatures are going up and there’s going to be a lot more rain. But not everywhere.

NASA has made an animation that shows how climate change might affect temperatures and rainfall on different parts of Earth.

It shows a scenario in which carbon dioxide concentrations reach 670 parts per million by 2100, up from around 400 ppm today.

ID: 1722951

Temperatures around the world are going to increase, but some parts of the world will increase more than others.

ID: 1722255

1. The Northern Hemisphere will see the most dramatic temperature increases.

ID: 1722034

2. Especially over the Arctic and typically snowy parts of North America.

ID: 1722136

3. Once ice and snow melts, it stops reflecting light away from Earth meaning the planet warms even more.

ID: 1722282

4. But the Southern Hemisphere will see warming too.

ID: 1722287

5. Land areas show the biggest warming, because evaporation can keep water cool.

ID: 1722318

6. And the oceans have the capacity to absorb more energy before heating up.

ID: 1722321

There’ll be changes in rainfall across the globe too.

ID: 1722605

7. El Niño causes more rain off the coast of South America.

ID: 1722616

8. That’s going to stretch across the Pacific Ocean to Indonesia by the end of the century.

ID: 1722670

9. Eastern Africa will see up to 100% more rainfall, but the Mediterranean will see 40% less.

ID: 1722711

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Kelly Oakes is science editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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